Friday, August 8, 2008

A Smidgen of Wisdom

Every day has the possibility of being a good day - That's a direct quote from myself.
Sounds wise doesn't it? And I'm certain it's been said before. Yet it still struck me as a very fresh idea. If I can just remember when I awake each morning not to begin the day by wishing it to end, I might find there's time in the day to enjoy myself. Then I won't have to delay all my personal plans until the days off.
A few things I can enjoy doing when I get home from work that won't keep me from housework:
  • Playing a game with the kids - 20 minutes
  • Reading to the baby - 10 minutes
  • Petting or training the dogs - 10 minutes
  • Chatting with my husband - 30 minutes
  • E-mailing a friend - 10 minutes
  • Posting to my blog - 10 minutes
  • Praying - 15 minutes
  • Reading a book - 30 minutes

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