Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The End of the Beginning

"We get the leaders we deserve. And if we lift them up and then cut them off, refuse to follow unless they are taking us to Disneyland, then no President, however eloquent, however historic his mandate or piercing his sense of what needs to be done, can take us where we refuse to go. This did not all end on Election Day, Obama said again and again as he talked about the possibility of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And so, we are merely at the end of the beginning."
The Meaning of Obama's Win: How He Rewrote the Book by Nancy Gibbs

I realized just in the past few months that I have to take an interest in my government. I have to put behind me the disgust I feel towards a broken system, and realize that without the voices of those who see that it's broken it will never change. No, I'm not about to become a political activist. Still, if the words of President-elect Obama are to hold any meaning in the coming months and even years, people are going to have to stand up with him. The choices the government makes should be influenced by the people. It is my hope in the future, starting now, to be informed as to what those choices are and how to make myself heard.

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