Saturday, June 26, 2010

Water Leak

Last month our main water line sprung a leak. Throughout the month water poured out underground. The grass didn't grow greener and there were no puddles. We were totally unaware of its passing. Imagine if we had a limited supply of water. We'd have run out and not even known why.
Prana is like that. Prana is the life sustaining force we are all born with. It is not the same as energy; the foods you eat give you energy. It is not so much your body that uses up your prana, as your mind. Everything you think, all the input from your senses uses prana. We all have a great hidden prana leak. Like my water leak, you can't see any hint there is a leak. When your mind dwells on worries, daydreams, goes on and on in your head with shoulds and should nots, you're leaking prana. When you get caught up in wanting - whether it be new clothes, food, a better body - that is prana leaking out.
When our water main was leaking we went to the main and shut off the valve while we weren't using water.
You can do this for your mind too through the practice of meditation.
This is what I am trying to do in my life right now. I've only been meditating for less than a year, but I already notice a difference in my life.
Forgive my silly analogy, I just had to share it.
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Sriram said...

Interesting analogy

Art said...

Luckily, the analogy ends with cutting off the leak at the source.

Repairing the water leak cost $500.

Repairing the prana leak just takes a lifetime of effort.