Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To be, or not to be...

The question upon us lately has been to be homeschoolers, still, or to send the girls to public school. Last month we had decided that all but the youngest would give the local school system a try. After much thought, and the realization that our comfortable way of life would be ended, we changed our minds. Just look at what we would miss out on:
Having shared days off work and school
Field trips whenever we like
Getting to the zoo or science center when everyone else is in school
Still being the number one influences in our kids lives
Volunteer work together
and that's just a small sample.
So Assa and Bri will continue onto sixth grade work this year. They'll be using Math-U-See and either Saxon Grammar or Climbing to Good English (I've yet to decide.) For history and science they will use internet and library resources.
Annabel will begin her Sophomore year of high school by taking correspondence classes from Keystone. It looks like a solid program that will challenge her. She will also spend time volunteering at the local library. We'll also all be trying to learn Spanish together.
I'm excited, but not so gung-ho that I fear I'm getting myself in over my head.
Wish us luck.


Art said...

Sorry I'm just now getting around to reading this.

I'm glad the kids will be staying home, and it looks like they're also happy with it. It's very difficult to trust one's children to the care of strangers, professional or not.

Retro Apple said...

After hearing countless stories about the US school system from people I support your decision!
Good luck.