Sunday, August 29, 2010

A single drop of water

How insignificant a drop of water seems. A small splash on your shirt is no inconvenience. The few drops that signify the beginning of a rain shower are hardly noticed.
This is how insignificant I felt while standing on the overlook mesmerized by Cumberland Falls. It's not a tall waterfall, but it is loud and powerful. The changes the water has wrought on the land are amazing.
What would that waterfall be without the single drops of water which make it up; The drops that fell to form the rivlets to form the streams to form the creeks that feed the river. The drops that become the mist over the falls that capture moonlight to form the moonbow.
You cannot find the line where one drop ends and another begins. They form a perfect unity to become the world changing force that is the waterfall.


Assa said...

Now if only all us little drops of water could leave behind the thought that we are all different, and realize that we are all the same, and we all came from the waterfall that is God.

Otter said...

Very wise my Assa Rhi. That's exactly what I was thinking.