Monday, January 2, 2012

A Dangerous Gift

      I recently started attending services at College Heights United Methodist Church. These are my thoughts on these week's sermon.
     This week Rev. Sparks focused on the magi and how dangerous it was for them to go searching for the baby Jesus to offer him their gifts. He challenged us to break the status-quo in 2012 and find a way to be more courageous in our faith.
     This was an especially poignant message for me, as I've felt held back by fear in all of my spiritual decisions lately. I need to force myself to push past my fear of not being good enough or not being who others want me to be. If Christianity is truly the path I wish to follow, it is time to stand up and embrace it.
     What can I do this year that celebrates the dangerous Gift God gave to us? I can embrace Him. With all my weaknesses and foibles as well as my strengths and love.